GREATER   Zandvlei   Estuary   Nature   Reserve


Wetlands Week at Zandvlei Nature Reserve, Feb 2014.

03/02/2014 - Todays class is for Grade 7's from Elsies River. This is Day one, with hundreds
of children visiting the Reserve this week. They arrive at Steenberg railway station 100 metres
down the road. The purpose built Metrorail Edutrain bring them from the nearest railway station
to the school. This train is then routed between the morning commuter rail traffic to arrive at
Steenberg at 09h30.

The children have arrived and have formed into a circle so Mark can give them a quick introduction
to and about the Zandvlei Nature Reserve before the activities begin.

There are question and answers to stimulate, excite and intrigue the children as to what
they may see and encounter on the tour around the Reserve.

Listening to the instructions being given.

Tom the new student for 2014 is assisting too.

The work sheet which each learner receives on a clipboard with a bird ID chart.

That is Devils Peak in the background, as a land mark.

The group is being divided into language groups of preference for instruction and those
without hats are also receiving one for the day.

Hats on for the Afrikaans speaking group.

and also for the English speaking group.

There is a short walk to the outdoor class activity where breakfast will be had as well.
"We left home early this morning you know.", then an indoor lecture and a walk through
the Reserve and back to Steenberg station to the Edutrain departing 14h00.


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