Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve

 Zerilda Primary hike at Silvermine Reserve, Dec 2004.

Starting at the top of the Silvermine mountain and hiking down to the Sunbird Centre through the forest section along the "new boardwalk" and then over the mountain to St James beach for a swim Quite a long hike back to the Reserve, nearly 12kms. 

These buddies were having fun.

This is thirsty work, we were glad for the stream.    We found a cave to explore.

This "new" boardwalk is to protect the forest floor.    Our leader, next to a rock with moss and lichens.

Swimming at St James, before going home after a very enjoyable day out.

A thank you card especially made for Erika, Kareemah and Cherry from the Zerilda Club.

All photographs by Erika Foot.


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