Zandvlei Trust

Muizenberg Community Festival 29/03/2008.

The start / entrance of the game.                           Part of the stand

The stand had the name "Play the game and learn about the estuary of life". To highlight the estuary and its importance to everyone.

  • Starting with the bouncing ball, the idea was not to squash any leopard toads while hopping in the numbered circles at the "Leopard Toad crossing".

  • "Then make like a molerat", crawling through the tunnel like a molerat under ground.

  • then fishing to see what kind of fish you can catch. The fish shapes were matched with the named fish on the scren.

  • then were glass tanks with Leopard Toads, fish and terrapins to see.

  • and to finish a questionaire to see what the children had learnt.


Marisa explaining how to play the game.                   This little girl loved crawling through the tunnel


So did Councillor Qually                          Fay showing the boys the terrapin

These children were trying to catch a fish.                       This boy was asking if it was the correct fish.

Thank you to Mr Victor from Tube-o-Flex, Epping Industria, for donating the tubing. Everyone had fun.


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