Greater  Zandvlei  Estuary  Nature  Reserve

 Background information about the 24 - City of Cape Town Nature Reserves.

Many people think that the staff working at the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve are Cape Nature employees. Cape Nature is the provincial authority for provincial nature reserves. Zandvlei is a proclaimed local authority nature reserve, meaning it is a City of Cape Town property.

Your rates pay for the infrastructure and the annual running of all the 24 official City of Cape Town Nature Reserves within the Metropole. These reserves fall under the Environmental Resourse Management Department and the staff manage the biodiversity of these valuable assests for Cape Town, the Western Cape and South Africa. These Reserves contain some of the last remaining, threatened, natural botanical areas in the fynbos biome.

Let us not forget that the Fynbos Biome is a World Heritage Site.

North area

South Central area

1 Blaauberg Conservation Area 12 Edith Stephens Wetland Park
2 Mamre Nature Garden 13 Wolfgat Nature Reserve
3 Atlantis Dunefields &
Silverstroom Conservation Areas
14 Macassar Dunes Conservation Area
4 Rietvlei Wetland Reserve

Central area

5 Zoarvlei Wetlands 15 Tygerberg Nature Reserve

South area

16 Durbanville Nature Reserve
6 Raapenberg Bird Sanctuary 17 Uitkamp Wetlands
7 Rondebosch Common 18 Braken Nature Reserve
8 Kenilworth Racecourse Conservation Area

East area

- False Bay Ecology Park  (FBEP) 19 Helderberg Nature Reserve
9 Rondevlei Nature Reserve  (FBEP) 20 Silverboomkloof Nature Reserve
10 Zeekoevlei Nature Reserve  (FBEP) 21 Lourens river Protected Natural Environments
- Southern Birding area and
Cape Flats Waste Water Works  (FBEP)
22 Dick Dent Bird Sanctuary
- Coastal Park Landfill  (FBEP) 23 Harony Flats Nature Reserve
11 Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve 24 Kogelberg Nature Reserve

Any improvements in capital and operating budgets are dependent on how strong the lobby is for environmental management - finance allocation. The proportion is determined from the 5 year IDP (Intergrated Development Policy) public and officials and political inputs.

The policy is open for annual public comment, on how "our rates should be spent". 
The formal way is to let your Ward Councillor know your views. Daily and weekend newspapers advertise for public input when it is up for review. You are encouraged to submit a written reply.


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