Greater  Zandvlei  Estuary  Nature  Reserve

 The City of Cape Town - Environmental Resource Management Department
- pay tribute to Ms Basson 
- June 2010
by Cassy Sheasby.

photograph by Cassy Sheasby

Past students paying tribute to their mentor Ms Basson (2nd row ,seated 8th from left).

On 7th December our Branch had a farewell get together for Ms Basson, the head of the Biodiversity and Conservation department of the Cape Peninsula University of Technology who is retiring from the position in June 2010.

Ms Basson has spent her life teaching conservation and promoting the work that we do in an urban conservation context. A large number of the top conservators in Cape Town have come from the teachings of Ms Basson and are the current and future managers of our remaining ecological treasures.

We had a morning to honour the amazing contribution that Ms Basson has made to conservation and teaching it as a way of life, not just a career, also instilling the strictest conservation ethics and best practice principles. She is passionate about it and became a god mother to most of us, often sharing experiences (good and bad) with her, achievements and lessons learnt from failures.

We all wish her well on her retirement from the CPUT and thank her for the amazing influence that she has had on our lives.


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