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 The Water Weed Harvester

MEMO : Weedharvesting: Zandvlei -  July 2011.

To whom it may concern
Please be advised that the Zandvlei weedharvester is currently undergoing a massive overhaul and will only return to the water in August 2011.

The work is being undertaken by Burgip.

Latest update: 15/07/2011: Gareth stated:
The spares for the machine will be arriving on Wednesday 20th July 2011. The machine parts are going to be sandblasted on Tuesday and Wednesday 19th and 20th July 2011. Once they have been completed, the hydraulics and the engine parts will start being assembled. There is approximately 3 weeks worth of work to be done on the cutter bed and blades which will also start at this time.

The Parks Dept weedharvester stationed at Princess Vlei remains non operational (see note below in previous update).
Previous update: 08/07/2011: Gareth stated:
Engineering on the machine is currently being done. The parts to be replaced have been ordered. Once the machine comes back with the new engine, the cutter bed will be straightened, the teeth will be replaced, the parts needing to be replaced will be, the canopy will be fitted etc. Machine is estimated to be back at Zandvlei first or second week of August 2011.
Enquiry as to possibly borrowing the Parks Dept Weedharvester stationed at Princess Vlei: The machine is currently non-operational. It is unclear as to when this weedharvester will be up and running again and there is now also a backlog of work at Princess Vlei that will need to be tackled prior to this machine being available for any work elsewhere.

Should anyone require further information, please contact the following people
from the Marina da Gama Association who receive regular feedback on this issue:

Bob Craske email:

John Ridley email:

Rob MacLean email:

Ken Findlay email:

Toni Joubert email:


Kind Regards,

Cassandra Sheasby
Area Manager: Deep South
Biodiversity Management Branch
City of Cape Town.


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