Zandvlei Trust

Think before you drop your litter by Alice Ashwell.

photograph by Pat Garrett.                                                                      photograph by Pat Garrett.

The Darter landed in the tree to try and rub the bandage off its beak. This got stuck on a branch and the exhausted bird end up hanging itself.

In a poignant reminder of the fact that pollution kills. Pat was paddling this week and he came across this Darter hanging dead in a tree near the top of Zandvlei. 

I once managed to catch a Darter that had speared a sock, and cut it off its beak (which has backward-pointing barbs on it, this makes it impossible for the bird to dislodge something woven). 

In this case what looks like a bandage not only got stuck on the bird's beak but then got tangled in the branch of the tree. What a desperate way to go.

The message is think twice about dropping litter.


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