Zandvlei Trust

"Do It Day" at the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve.

Do It Day 2010  on 15/10/2010

This is the site below at which we worked removing Spanish broom Spartium junceum a highly invassive plant. It is very showy in spring with its bright yellow pea shaped flowers, and this is what attracts people to plant it, mistakenly.

An indication of what the site looked like.                   Old Boyes Drive is the street sign name.

A couple of shrubs were starting to flower.                    The attractive bright yellow flowers.

On closer inspection there were numerous catepillars busy munching away at the new leaves. To an extent keeping the plants from developing flower stems and seed pods. Not enough catepillars to do the work successfully though.

Robin Burnett doctoring the base stems                   Mark, Oliver and  Cleo cutting these tough and hardy
with herbiside.                                                        plants. They have multi stemmed branches from the
                                                                            ground, which is much tougher than the green stems
                                                                            one sees above ground.

Margit, Cleo and Cassy sniping away.                                         Oliver with bags to remove the cuttings
                                                                                               from the site.

Look at what a small group of enthusiastic volunteers         The base stems of one cut plant. The larger
achieved in 2 hours.                                                         stems were about 50mm in diameter.

Well done and thank you for your effort and time. 

This is a valuable site as a biodiversity corridor from the Muizenberg to Zandvlei and is the western link from Table Mountain peninsula, along the False Bay coastal corridor to the Koggelberg Biosphere in the east.


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