Zandvlei Trust

"Save Princessvlei" meeting on 13 Sept 2009.

On a wet Sunday morning a large group of suporters arrived to register their support for the Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance to oppose any commercial development at Princessvlei along Prince George Drive, in the Retreat area.
Many representatives of local Business, Residents Associations, Environmental Groups from across Cape Town, Ratepayers Associations,  some from as far away as Durbanville, past City Councillors, community workers and a number of local School Environmental Clubs were there.

Recent newspaper articles ......                        ...and the message.

Graham Noble was busy handing out response forms.      DA representative discussing issues with the
                                                                                    WESSA representative 

George Davis and Sandra Fowkes discussing issues and others unknown renewing acquaintances. 

John Graham School teachers and children.          Friends of Constantia Valley Greenbelts representative
                                                                          Brian Ratcliffe and other members.

Supporters introducing themselves to each other.   Botanical Society members were in support as well.

Joye Gibbs and Roger Godwin comparing notes.    Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance members.

One of the challenges .......                 and another from David Muller Chairman of Zandvlei Trust.

Community leader Philip Bam addressing the crowd     The silent protestors with a message.
and explaining some of the background, why it is
important to take ownership of the local heritage
and environment.

The press and news teams were there to record     A coy (khoi) princess came to lend support as well.
the meeting.

Philip discussing the importance of the heritage     Part of the attentive crowd.
of the the area which has not been taken into
account in the development proposal.

Friends of Zeekoevlei, Chairman in support             One of the Grassy Park High protestors,
of the future generations.                                       a future generation custodian of Princessvlei.

Calvin Cochrane addressing the Princess supporters as the FBI agent.

Grassy Park High School supporters were there.    Even a local flower seller with his beautiful flowers
                                                                          came to offer support.

John Graham Primary Environmental                    More of the Grassy Park High support.
Club supporters were there.

More local residents, interest group representatives, come to support the protest to this proposed development.

A lone protester along Prince George Drive            This poster was being attacked by the wind
letting the motorists know about the issue             and needed some shelter.
facing the Princess.

The Community organisations introduced              Philippa Huntly from WESSA addressing the crowd.
themselves and gave their messages of support.

Past Councillor Joye Gibbs who still does many    Past Counciller Hennie van Wyk emphasizing the
hours of volunteer work for regional government     importance of our cultural and natural heritage.
and the local community.

The proud President of the John Graham Primary   The Grassy Park High representative adding a voice
Environmental Club, saying it for the youth.            for the future custodians of our environment.

Greater Cape Town Civic Alliance members gave examples of similar issues they have fought and have
managed to stop.
Now is the time to stand up and fight off this inappropriate proposed development.


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