Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve 

Fish List

Syngnathus acus Longnose pipefish

Do you have your current fish information brochure by the Dept of Environment and Tourism?

Obtain one from your nearest Post Office, get your appropriate licence and check the bait and bag limits of all species you intend to catch.

Fish  recorded in  the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve since 1999.

This list will be updated as the information becomes available.

Catagory 1   Dependent on estuaries for their entire life cycle.

Catagory 2 Dependent on estuaries during juvenile phase of life cycle.

Catagory 3 Juveniles occurring mainly in estuaries but also found at sea.

Catagory 4 Juveniles ocurring mainly at sea, are also found in estuaries.

Catagory 5 Fresh water dependant.

Red data species.


No. Genus & Species

Common Name

Catagory 1  
1. Caffrogobius multifasciatus Banded Goby
2. Gilchristella aestuarius Estuarine Round Herring
3. Psammogobius knysnaensis Knysna Sand Goby
4. Tilapia sparrmanii Banded Tilapia
5. Oreochromis mossambicus Mozambique Tilapia
6. Cyprinus carpio Carp
7. Clarias gariepinus Sharptooth Catfish
8. Gambusia affinis Mosquitofish
9. Micropterus salmoides Largemouth Bass
Catagory 2  
10. Lichia amia Leervis
11. Lithognathus lithognathus White Steenbras
12. Monodactylus falciformis Cape Moony
13. Rhabdosargus holubi Cape Stumpnose
14. Sandelia capensis Cape Kurper
Catagory 3  
15. Hepsetia breviceps Cape Silverside
16 Heteromycteris capensis Cape Sole
17. Solea bleekeri Blackhand Sole
18. Clinus superceiliosus Super Klipfish
Catagory 4  
19. Argyrosomus hololepidotus Kob
20. Caffrogobius nudiceps Barehead Goby
21. Diplodus sargus Blacktail
22. Lisa richardsoni Southern Mullet
23. Liza dumerilii Groovy Mullet
24. Liza tricuspida Striped Mullet
25. Mugil cephalus Flathead Mullet Springharder
26. Pomatomus saltatrix Elf
27. Rhabdosargus globiceps White stumpnose
28. Rhabdosargus holubi Cape Stumpnose
29. Syngnathus acus Longnose Pipefish
30. Amblyrhynchotes honkenii Evil-eyed Blaasop
31. Anguilla cf. marmorata Madagascar Mottled Eel
32. Rhinobatos annulatus Lesser Sandshark
Catagory 5  
33. Galaxias zebratus Cape Galaxia
34. Carassius auratus Goldfish

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