Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve 

Frog List

Bufo pantherinus   Western Leopard Toad (juvenile)


FROGS  recorded at  the Greater Zandvlei  Estuary Nature Reserve since 1998.

Due to the high water salinity of Zandvlei, the species count of frogs is not high. 
The Western Leopard Toad population has a good distribution.

Key to sightings

Common               C
Uncommon            UC
Very common        VC
Fairly common       FC
Unknown               UK
Red Data Species  RD


No. Scientific Name Common Name Key
1. Bufo patherinus Western Leopard Toad  C
2. Strongolopis grayii Clicking Stream Frog VC
3. Tomopterna delandii Cape Sand Frog FC
4. Afrana fuskigulare Cape River Frog  UC
5. Xenopus laevis Clawed Frog/Common Platana UC
6. Breviceps gibbosus Cape Rain Frog UC

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