Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve 

Insect List

Nathan searching for the unrecorded specimen.

Insects  recorded at ZANDVLEI ESTUARY NATURE RESERVE since 2001

Nathan Meyers is compiling the insect collection. He has to research each insect to verify it, against the known data records.This is done at the S A Museum. About 125 samples have been collected to date. Nathan now has an intergrated database (September 2001) which he is trying out and refining, this will be very useful for future publishing. It is planned to link the database to this web page at a later stage.
This list will be updated as the information becomes available.

Key to sightings

Common               C
Uncommon            UC
Very common        VC
Fairly common       FC 
Rare Visitor           RV
Unknown               UK
Red Data Species  RD




Genus & Species

Common Name


1. NM002 Lepidoptera Dira clytus clytus Autumn Widow (Butterfly) FC
2. NM003 Lepidoptera Pseudonympha magus Silver– bottom brown (Butterfly) FC
3. NM005 Odonata Damsel fly C
4. NM007 Lepidoptera Pieris brasssicae Cabbage white (Butterfly) C
5. EK015 Blattodea Cockroach UC
6. EK018 Orthoptera Grasshopper C
7. NM019 Coleoptera Scerabaeus sp. Dung beetle UK
8. NM024 Diptera Robberfly UK
9. NM025 Odonata Anisoptera King Dragonfly C
10. EK027 Orthoptera Paracinema tricolor Green Grasshopper C
11. EK034 Hemiptera Goreidae, Coreinae Twig wilter C
12. CD037 Hymenoptera Apis monelifera Honey bee C
13. CD041 Coleoptera Neochetina bruchi Weevil UC
14. NM044 Coloptera Cuculoidea, Coccinellidae Lady Bird UK
15. NM049 Lepidoptera Metisella metis metis Gold – spotted Slyph (Butterfly) UK
16. NM050 Coleoptera Pachnoda sinuata Fruit Chafer UC
17. NM054 Coleoptera Lampyrud SP. Glow worm UK
18. CD055 Coleoptera Mylabris sp. Blister beetle UK
19. CD075 Coleoptera Cacasceles sp. Longhorn beetle UK
20. NM085 Hymenoptera Polistes marginalis Social wasp UK
21. CD089 Hemiptera Eumenes maxillosus Spider wasp UK
22. NM099 Lepidoptera Pelopides thrax inconspicua White banded swift (Butterfly) UK
23. – – – Meadow White (Butterfly) FC
24. – – – Blue (Butterfly) FC
25. – – – Small Blue (Butterfly) FC
26. – – – Common-dotted Border (Butterfly) FC
27. – – Kedestes barberae  Barbers Ranger (Butterfly) UK
28. – – Kedestes lenis Unique Ranger (Butterfly) UK
29. – – Apis monelifera Honey Bee CR
30. – – – Parasitic Bee FC

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