Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve 

January 2004 Bird Count 





Ocean birds Raptors
Kelp Gull  3 Blackshouldered Kite 2
Greyheaded Gull African Fish Eagle 2
Hartlaub's Gull 10 Steppe Buzzard  1
Caspian Tern 6 Redbreasted Sparrowhawk
Common Tern 2 Black Sparrowhawk
Swift Tern African Goshawk 
Inland water birds African Marsh Harrier
Greater Flamingo  Peregrine Falcon
Lesser Flamingo  Doves and coucals
White Pelican Feral Pigeon  Yes
Whitebreasted Cormorant 2 Laughing Dove Yes
Reed Cormorant 17 Rock Pigeon Yes
Cape Cormorant Rameron Pigeon
Darter 13 Redeyed Dove Yes
Grey Heron 4 Cape Turtle Dove Yes
Blackheaded Heron 2 Klass's Cuckoo
Purple Heron Burchell's Coucal
Little Egret  11 Aerial feeders, Mousebirds & hole nesters
Yellow billed Egret 2 Black Swift 
African Spoonbill Whitethroated Swallow Yes
Cattle Egret 7 Pearlbreasted Swallow Yes
Night Heron  5 Greaterstriped Swallow Yes
Little Bittern Rock Martin
Sacred Ibis 1 Brownthroated Martin
Glossy Ibis 1 Black Sawwing Swallow


Whiterumped Swift  Yes
Ducks & Wading birds Little Swift 
Great crested Grebe 4 Alpine Swift Yes
Dabchick European Swallow Yes
Egyptian Goose 5 Whitebacked Mousebird Yes
Yellowbilled Duck 1 Giant Kingfisher 
Red-billed Teal Malachite Kingfisher 
Cape Teal 10 Pied Kingfisher 6
Cape Shoveller 17 Insect eaters (1) larks to robins
Purple Galinule Pied Crow  Yes
Moorhen 1 Whitenecked Raven 
Redknobbed Coot 360 Cape Bulbul  Yes
Threebanded Plover 3 Olive Thrush 
Blacksmith Plover 4 Cape Robin 
Greenshank Cape Wagtail 
Southern Pochard Orange-throated Longclaw 
Common Sandpiper Insect eaters (2) warblers to starlings
Spurwing Goose Cape Reed Warbler  Yes
Marsh Sandpiper

African Sedge Warbler  Yes
Avocet 62  African Marsh Warbler
Blackwinged Stilt 7 Grassbird
Kittlitz's Plover Levailant's Cisticola  Yes
Curlew Sandpiper Spotted Prinia  Yes
Mallard Fiscal Shrike Yes

Southern Boubou

Large terrestrial birds

European Starling 

Water Dikkop 

Redwing Starling 

Spotted Dikkop 1 Total Species 62
Cape Francolin 6

Helmeted Guineafowl 10
Greywinged Francolin
Nectar feeders
Malachite Sunbird 
Orangebreasted Sunbird
Lesser Doublecollared Sunbird  Yes
Cape white-eye  Yes
Cape Sparrow  Yes
Cape Weaver 
Southern Masked Weaver 
Yellowrumped Widow 
Common Waxbill  Yes
Pintailed Whydah 
Cape Canary Yes
Bully Canary  Yes

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