Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve 

June 2006 Bird Count 

Great crested Grebes





Ocean birds

Kelp Gull


Blackshouldered Kite


Greyheaded Gull 1 African Fish Eagle 2
Hartlaub's Gull 43 Steppe Buzzard 
Caspian Tern Redbreasted Sparrowhawk
Common Tern 3 Black Sparrowhawk 1
Swift Tern African Goshawk 
Little Tern 2
Inland water birds African Marsh Harrier
Greater Flamingo Gymnogene
Lesser Flamingo Lanner Falcon
White Pelican Peregrine Falcon
Whitebreasted Cormorant 3 Osprey
Reed Cormorant 44 Doves, Cuckoos and coucals
Cape Cormorant Feral Pigeon Yes
Darter 9 Laughing Dove Yes
Grey Heron 1 Rock Pigeon
Blackheaded Heron Rameron Pigeon
Purple Heron 1 Redeyed Dove Yes
Little Egret Cape Turtle Dove Yes
Yellow billed Egret Burchell's Coucal Yes
African Spoonbill 1 Klaas's Cuckoo
Cattle Egret Aerial feeders, Mousebirds & hole nesters
Night Heron 3 Black Swift Yes
Little Bittern Whitethroated Swallow
Sacred Ibis 9 Pearlbreasted Swallow
Glossy Ibis Greaterstriped Swallow


Rock Martin
Ducks & Wading birds Brownthroated Martin
Great crested Grebe 3 Black Sawwing Swallow
Dabchick 34 Whiterumped Swift
Egyptian Goose 55 Little Swift
Yellowbilled Duck 3 Alpine Swift
Red-billed Teal European Swallow
Cape Teal 13 Whitebacked Mousebird Yes
Cape Shoveller 5 Redfaced Mousebird
Purple Gallinule 2 Giant Kingfisher 1
Moorhen 12 Malachite Kingfisher 2
Redknobbed Coot 352 Pied Kingfisher 6
Crowned Plover 7
Threebanded Plover 1 Insect eaters (1) larks to robins
Blacksmith Plover 8 Pied Crow Yes
Greenshank Whitenecked Raven Yes
Southern Pochard Cape Bulbul Yes
Common Sandpiper Olive Thrush
Spurwing Goose 21 Cape Robin Yes
Marsh Sandpiper

Cape Wagtail Yes
Avocet Orange-throated Longclaw
Blackwinged Stilt 2 Bokmakierie Yes
Kittlitz's Plover Insect eaters (2) warblers to starlings
Curlew Sandpiper Cape Reed Warbler Yes
Mallard African Sedge Warbler Yes
South African Shelduck African Marsh Warbler
Large terrestrial birds Grassbird
Water Dikkop Levailant's Cisticola  Yes
Spotted Dikkop 3 Spotted Prinia Yes
Cape Francolin 3 Fiscal Shrike Yes
Helmeted Guineafowl 15

Southern Boubou

Greywinged Francolin

European Starling

Nectar feeders

Redwing Starling

Malachite Sunbird


Orangebreasted Sunbird

Grassveld pipit 

Lesser Doublecollared Sunbird Yes Red-capped Lark
Cape white-eye Yes House Crow
Black Crow 2
Seedeaters Total Species 67
Cape Sparrow Yes
Cape Weaver Yes
Southern Masked Weaver Yes
Yellowrumped Widow
Common Waxbill Yes
Pintailed Whydah
Cape Canary Yes
Bully Canary

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