Zandvlei Trust

Meetings and Outings for 2005.

  24 September 2005 (Saturday) Heritage Day

  Norman Skillen teacher, poet, actor, together with musicans Dave Ledbetter and Ronan Skillen.

Norman Skillen, Dave Ledbetter and Ronan Skillen.

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22 September Thursday Spring Festival

Allan Boyd Estuary research in Southern Africa - recent development in Estuary Management.

Doug Harebottle Five years of bird ringing at Zandvlei Nature Reserve.


Zandvlei Estuary                                                Bird ringing at Zandvlei

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21 September  Wednesday Spring Festival 

Timm Hoffman Results of a community based monitoring programme. 

Nathan Meyers Identification and ecology of insect orders at the Zandvlei Nature Reserve.

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17 - 18 September 2005  The 11th International Kite Festival at Zandvlei,  Muizenberg.

Just some of the sights at Zandvlei.

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29th August Leopard Toad Census.

Western Leopard Toad on 29th August 2005 at Zandvlei on Census night.


16th June 2005 Arbour Day. Planting indigenous Strandveld vegetation at Westlake Walkway Garden and Park Island.                                     See what you missed.


25th May 2005 AGM and Clifford Dorse his recent trip to Tristan da Cunha, Inaccessible and Nightingale Islands.                                            See what you missed.


16th March 2005 Mandy Noffke about "The role and conservation of wetlands and rehabilitation programmes planned for 2005 / 2006".                 See what you missed.


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