Zandvlei Trust

Members Meetings and Outings for 2006.

12th International Cape Town Kite Festival
on the 16th  17th September 2006 at Zandvlei.

See some of the kites that were there.

Arbour Day 16th June 2006, (National Youth Day) at Wildwood and Park Islands. 

See what we did there.

AGM speaker Ian McCallum 24th May 2006.

Ian McCallum speaker and author of Ecological Intelligence.

 See what was discussed at the meeting.


Water Day  Litter cleanup 25th March 2006.

Louis de Waal and Pancake removing bags of litter.

See what was collected and who was there. 


World Wetlands Day 30th January  to 3rd February 2006, a week long visit to the Zandvlei Nature Reserve by the Metrorail Edutrain and a number of school children.

The Edutrain passing Zandvlei Nature Reserve before Steenberg station.

See what happened on the first day.


Previous Years Meetings and Outings.







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