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Members Meetings and Outings for 2009.


7. 10th - 11th October 2009, the 15th Cape Town International Kite Festival, at Zandvlei.

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6. 24th June 2009.  Melumzi Nontangana, gave us an overview of what he is doing to address the issue of the rapidly filling landfill sites of Cape Town. He has one answer, bio-energy generation from rubbish.

Melumzi Nontangana Head of Research & Development,
City of Cape Town, Solid Waste Disposal.
One of the Mail and Guardian featured top 300 young South Africans.

See what we learnt.

5. Arbour Day 16th June 2009. A combined effort by Muizenberg /Lakeside Ratepayers Association, The Zandvlei Nature Reserve and Zandvlei Trust.

Admiring the rainbow in Lakeside during a shower of rain.

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4. AGM on 20th May 2009 Guest speaker Professor Mike Bruton with a talk about "Weird Creatures" a celebration of biodiversity.

Professor Mike Bruton listening to a question.

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Chairmans report 2009.

3.  Alan Winde from the DA on environmental issues for the Cape Peninsula.  19th March 2009.

photograph by David Muller

Alan Winde (2nd from left) with Demetri Qually and ZVT Exco members

2.  Muizenberg Youth Festival  25th - 27th February 2009.

Part of the display by the Zandvlei Nature Reserve and ZVT members.

See more from the 3 day event.

1.  World Wetlands Week at GZENR  2nd - 6th February 2009.

photograph by Sharon McCallum

Mark Arendse having fun with a class from Chapel Street Primary.

See more from the 5 day visit to the Reserve.

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