Zandvlei Trust

Members Meetings for 2014.

Kindly support us, and please make a note in your diaries;
as we venture to serve our mission to conserve and enhance our natural resource for the benefit of all.


20th Cape Town International Kite Festival - 01 Saturday  / 02 Sunday November 2014.
Cape Mental Health are the convenors of the annual Kite Festival at the Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve,
in Muizenberg.

Lift your spirits ‘Beyond the Blue’ was the theme at Africa’s biggest kite festival.

Pegasus at Zandvlei..

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08 - 12 October 2014, Zandvlei Eco Celebration part of the Muizenberg Festival 2014.


See what they did on 08/10/2014 and 10/10/2014.

This was the activity schedule.



01 August 2014, Zandvlei Clean-up by local community organisations and their members.


21st June 2014, Arbour Day planting on Park Island and Wildwood Island.


See some photos from the Park Island planting.


18th June 2014, 18h30 for 19h00,  ZVT - AGM, guest speaker Patrick Dowling (WESSA). 

Patrick Dowling introducing his presentation.

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Chairmans Report   

Treasurers Report   


19th February, Louise Stafford gave a presentation on The value of civil society involvement
in managing invasive species.

John Fowkes Louise Stafford and Sandra Fowkes.

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