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Our mission in action.

Environmental Education

Zandvlei is an important conservation area within easy reach of many local schools. ZVT supports environmental education because we believe it is vitally important for young people to experience a broad range of.

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Village Heights Community Centre

Village Heights Community Centre (VHCC) was adopted by ZVT as a project in 2012 due to its proximity to Zandvlei and to Rondevlei Nature Reserve, as well as the community’s commitment to rehabilitating…

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Paper & Glass Recycling

Revenue generated through the recycling project is an important source of funding for ZVT and is used to fund the gardener the Trust employs to maintain what is known as the Westlake Wetlands Garden…

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Westlake Garden

This garden was started by members of the Zandvlei Trust in 1999. It is situated on Main Road, Lakeside in Cape Town (opposite the Lakeside Shopping) and adjoins the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve…

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Invasive Vegetation Clearing

Zandvlei Trust members have regular monthly clean up events where they clear invasive species from the Zandvlei Nature Reserve – they have been doing this for more than 25 years…

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Westlake Pond

It is only in recent decades that the value of wetlands has been properly understood. Wetlands provide a habitat for a diverse range of plants and animals. More importantly they play a valuable role in filtering the water…

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At a Zandvlei Trust meeting in November 2001, the Zandvlei Inventory and Monitoring Programme (ZIMP) was initiated. One facet of this was the Flora Of Zandvlei. A group of volunteers was assembled under the leadership of…

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Citizen Science

In 2014 the National Lotteries Commission (NLC) granted an award to ZVT its for ongoing environmental education sponsorship in the Zandvlei Area. As the grant was received more than two years after application…

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Become a citizen scientist – no prior training required!

ZVT’s Citizen Science Programme is an exciting opportunity for residents, students and learners to participate in Citizen Science investigations to help further our collective knowledge of this beautiful area.

No prior scientific training is required. Enthusiasm and interest are the only prerequisites!