Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve 

Reptile List

Mabuya Capensis Cape Skink

 REPTILES  recorded at the Greater Zandvlei Estuary Nature Reserve since 1998.

Key to sightings

Common               C
Uncommon            UC
Very common        VC
Fairly common       FC
Rare Visitor           RV
Unknown               UK
Red Data Species  RD


No. Scientific Name  Common Name Key
1. Pseudaspis cana Mole Snake  C
2. Lycodonomorphus rufulus Common Brown Water Snake C
3. Duberria variegata Common Slug Eater FC
4. Lamprophis fuliginosus Olive House Snake  FC
5. Lamprophis aurora Aurora House snake FC
6. Dispholidus typus Boomslang UC
7. Naja nivea Cape Cobra UC
8. Dasypeltis scabra Rhombic Egg Eater FC
9. Bitis arietans Puff Adder UC
No. Scientific Name   Common Name Key
1. Acontias meleagris meleagris Cape Legless Skink  C
2. Bradypodion pumilum Cape Dwarf Chamaeleon C
3. Mabuya Capensis Cape Skink C
4. Mabuya homalocephala Red-sided Skink FC
5. Tetradactylus seps seps Short-legged Seps UC
6. Merles knoxii Knox's Desert Lizard UC
7. Phyllodactylus porphyeus Marbled Leaf-toed Gecko UC
Tortoises and Terrapins
No. Scientific Name   Common Name   Key
1. Chersina angulata  Angulate tortoise  C
2. Pelomedusa Subrufa  Marsh Terrapin C

Chersina angulata Angulate tortoise 

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