Zandvlei Trust
Spring 2001

Some scenes during Spring 2001, around Zandvlei.

A young Grysbok with the 2                         Ferraria crispa, an unusual Spring flower.
resident African Fish Eagles
above in the tree.

Arum lilies.

 Homeria flaccida.                                              Bokbaaivygie.

The African Fish Eagles.                                     Brown sage.

Taking it easy, by doing some serious fishing.

Clicking Stream Frog.                                 Zaluzianskya villosa or drumsticks.

These Oxalis were growing out of a drain hole in the Langevlei canal wall.

Purple vygies.

Angulate Tortoise.                                                         A very shy Grysbok.

This is a recovering area where 2 seasons ago, a thick forrest of 'exotic trees' prevented any undergrowth.
This was a fire circle where the cut brush was stacked and burnt. Look at the growth of pioneer plants and indigenous seed stock, which has sprouted and is about knee high.
Volunteers from the Cape Bird Club regularly clear regrowth of 'exotic plants'. 
Join this group once a month for an afternoon in the fresh air, contact Gavin Lawson.

Albuca cooperi.                           Lycium afrum.

A spiders web glinting in the sunlight.

Click to see more Spring flowers in the Zandvlei Nature Reserve.


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