Zandvlei Trust

Summer 2001 - 2002

Some scenes during Summer 2001- 2002, around Zandvlei.

The 'Central pan' in the Zandvlei Nature Reserve, the water evaporated by the summer sun. The clump of grass in the foreground at the edge of the water, is where the Blackwinged Stilts hatched 2 chicks on the 23/01/2002.

A view looking east across the 'Central pan'.


These thumbnails are a panoramic view from Boyes Drive above Lakeside and Muizenberg. 
Click on them to enlarge the photo.

zv nature reserve view.JPG (41164 bytes)

1. This is the northern end of Zandvlei, with the Rutter Road pond on the left. The Nature Reserve is in the background. The suburban railway line bisects the Westlake Wetlands and Zandvlei, isolating each other.

zv view1.jpg (56751 bytes)

2. The Lakeside Fire Station is the large building in the forground.

zv view2a.jpg (50375 bytes)

3. Park Island is in the background, the small green Africa Island in the middle of Zandvlei and the Sea Scout Base at the bay in the forground.

zv view5.JPG (48011 bytes)

4. This is the eastern end of Park Island and Peninsula Park. The Metrorail train passing through Lakeside towards False Bay Station. Marina da Gama is in the background across Zandvlei.

zv parklands.JPG (56237 bytes)

5. The Zandvlei Parklands in the middle with the Main Road and suburban railway line in the foreground. Park Island is in the background.

zv view5b.JPG (62416 bytes)

6.This view looks across Zandvlei towards the Caravan Park. False Bay is in the background.

zv view6.JPG (25258 bytes)

7. The view towards the south east, the mouth of Zandvlei flowing into False Bay. The Hottentot Holland Mountains are across the bay in the background. Muizenberg and its famous beach in the foreground.

Muizenberg Estate.JPG (40918 bytes)

8. A view across to Marine Estate Muizenberg. The lawns are where the annual International Kite Festival takes place.

Muizenberg village.JPG (56049 bytes)

9. At the foreground on the right, the curved roof belongs to the Masque Theatre next to False Bay railway station. The houses in the centre is the 'village' of Muizenberg.

Muizenberg hill.JPG (31459 bytes)

10. This view is south towards Simonstown Mountains.

Muizenberg park.JPG (60962 bytes)

11. The Muizenberg Park and the bowling greens in the foreground. The  Muizenberg Technicon and the Synagogue together with the shopping centre are some of the buildings.

Muizenberg beach3.JPG (36409 bytes)

12. The Muizenberg railway station with the clock tower over looking the beach.

Muizenberg beach2.JPG (27323 bytes)

13. The famous Muizenberg beach streching 60 kms to the Hottentot Holland Mountains in the east. This is the place many surfers begin their love of the sea and surfing.

lakeside mountain3.JPG (47921 bytes)

14. When driving from Kalk Bay along Boyes Drive one encounters this view of the Lakeside (Steenberg) Mountain. That is Constantiaberg in the background.

rutter road1a.JPG (41991 bytes)

15. This view is north west from the Rutter Road pond. The back of Table Mountain and Devils Peak is in the background.

rutter road1b.jpg (58254 bytes)

16. These residences are at the Rutter Road pond slipway.


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