Zandvlei Trust
Winter 2001

Some scenes during Winter 2001, around Zandvlei.


The mouth of Zandvlei at Muizenberg beach looking South.

Looking East across the 'Central Pan',             Looking South towards Muizenberg from the Nature Reserve.
in the Nature Reserve.

A picnic bench in the Nature Reserve.          Looking across the 'Central Pan' at the back of Table Mountain.

The rubble weir at the Royal Road bridge, Muizenberg.

The 'new' footbridge across Zandvlei to Albertyn Road, Muizenberg.

Boating on a warm Winters day.

A view of a canal in the Marina da Gama

Fishing in a canal.

Looking towards Australia Island from Park Island in a north west direction.

A skilpadbessie bush in flower.

An Egyptian Goose establishing his teritory.        Arum lilies in bloom.

The water body near Rutter Road, Lakeside, with the railway line in the background.


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