Source to Sea

A joint pilot project working together to restore urban river corridors in order to support biodiversity.


Catchment areas : our lands and water bodies (rivers – streams) are linked in a natural system – a catchment – which is literally the

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Village Heights

One of ZVT’s active projects, Village Heights Community Centre (VHCC) in an informal area Lavender Hill, also works closely with another organisation, Projects Abroad which brings volunteers from around the world to share their skills and services with this impoverished

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Muizenberg Festival

The Muizenberg Festival is a two week celebration (1 – 15 October) of the greater Muizenberg area, showcasing its rich diversity of creative arts, natural environments, music and perfromances of all kinds.
This year, with the growing participation and interest in

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Clearing the Vetch

Members of the Zandvlei Trust have donated generously to the project to clear the invasive plants which are threatening the natural vegetation on the western side of the Zandvlei Nature Reserve. We started working on this project on 13 September

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