Our mission is simple. We seek to safeguard the beauty and biodiversity of the Zandvlei so that future generations can enjoy the area just as much as we do.

The Zandvlei Trust (ZVT) is a community led public benefit organisation dedicated to protecting the natural resources of the Zandvlei and its immediate surrounds.

ZVT is a registered non-profit run by a group of passionate volunteers who live in the area. We offer tax savings for public donations and are always extremely grateful for any contributions that we receive.


The ZVT was established in 1988. The inaugural meeting taking place at the Imperial Yacht Club in Lakeside with representatives from the City, Botanical Society, Sea Scouts, recreation clubs, residents’ associations and the Cape Bird Club in attendance.
Over the last 25 years the Trust has continuously pushed for better management of the vlei and its surrounding environs. Various scientific tests have been conducted on many different biological aspects of the vlei including water salinity and weed growth. These are all important factors that contribute to a healthy water system and have an important role to play in maintaining and increasing the size of the beautiful Zandvlei Nature Reserve.




We strive to conserve the indigenous fauna and flora of the Zandvlei so that these vital natural resources can benefit all who live in the area and the surrounds.




Zandvlei Trust has a vision to educate local adults and youngsters alike. We want to impart knowledge, skills and a passion for conservation so that the surrounding community can play a more active role in protecting the biodiversity of the area.




Zandvlei Trust holds regular informative talks and presentations by professionals and experts. These sessions are open to the public and cover topics of interest relating to conservation.

If you would like to read the ZVT Constitution

it can be downloaded by clicking on the download button.


Meet our Executive Committee Members

David Muller


Email : David@merryscholar.com

Gerrard Wigram


Email : Wigram@iafrica.com

Jan-Willem van Bochove


Email : jhvanbochove@gmail.com

Julie Dunkerley


Email : dunklesjd@gmail.com

Martin Struthmann

Social Media Administrator

Email : cootaloo@gmail.com

Fergus Turner

Muizenberg Festival & Muizenberg Partnership

Email : FETurner11@gmail.com

Sharon McCallum

Environmental Education and Administration.

Email : soitgoes@iafrica.com

Our Partners & Funders

Our Affiliates

Zandvlei Protected Areas Advisory Committee (ZPAAC)

The Zandvlei Protected Areas Advisory Committee was formed and in June 2015 and has members representing the interests of the yachting and paddling communities, the Bird Club, Sea Cadets, ZVT, as well as active citizens prepared to contribute to the maintenance and improvement of Zandvlei. Minutes of ZPAAC meetings are regulary uploaded on our News page.

ZPAAC Website