Zandvlei Trust

The Zandvlei Catchment Forum (ZCF).

This is a City of Cape Town and a civil society initiative.

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Note: At the meeting on 16 February 2016, voted Sandra Fowkes as the Chairman, after Bob Craske had indicated to Abdullah Parker he was not able to carry on as Chairman for health reasons. Deputy Chairman Eugene Moll will carry on in his position.

At the meeting on 11 November 2015, those present at the meeting decided to rename
the Sand River Catchment Forum to the Zandvlei Catchment Forum as it was felt this name would better describe the catchment area of concern. Few people understood or knew the reason for the old name as the Sand River is only one of the feeding rivers of the catchment flowing into Zandvlei.
This meeting was chaired by Abdullah Parker (TCT) and at the meeting;
Bob Craske was nominated and elected as Chairman along with Deputy Chairman Eugene Moll.

Zandvlei, Westlake Wetlands.

The Background

The initiative of the CSRM Branch (Catchment, Stormwater and River Management) of the TR&S Directorate (Transport Roads and Stormwater) of the City of Cape Town.
Zandvlei Trust members lobbied the City to start a forum to discuss the issues of the catchment, and interact by exchanging all relevant information.
This Forum started in 1998 and provides the opportunity for civil society, local and provincial government to discuss and formulate management options for the catchment;

  • so as to enhance water quality,

  • minimize flood risks and 

  • increase general amenity value of the drainage system and its immediate environs.

  • The draft minutes of the meetings, are below and are not signed or approved.

  • These are for general information, so that the workings and discussions of this group may be understood.

  • Their concern and focus is the management of the catchment of Zandvlei.

  • The Zandvlei Action Committee (ZAC) minutes are annexed to the Sand River Catchment Forum minutes. This group of City officials and civil society user groups of  Zandvlei, meet to discuss and "put into action" measures to help with the overall management of this estuary, river systems, wetlands and waterbody.

  • Martin Thompson is the Chairman of the Forum.


To date the following organisations and businesses participate;

  • City of Cape Town - Transport for Cape Town,

  • City of Cape Town - Environmental Resource Management,

  • City of Cape Town - Planning,

  • City of Cape Town - Health,

  • City of Cape Town - Parks,

  • City of Cape Town - Utility Services,

  • Table Mountain National Park,

  • Friends of Constantia Valley Greenbelts,

  • Friends of Tokai Planations,

  • Friends of Die Oog,

  • Friends of the Kistenhof Wetlands,

  • Friends of Park Island,

  • Friends of the Keysers River,

  • WESSA,

  • Working for Wetlands, Western Cape,

  • SANBI Urban Conservation,

  • Constantia Property Owners Asssociation,

  • Constantia Hills Residents Association,

  • Zandvlei Trust,

  • Wetland Solutions,

  • Constantia Wine Route - Buitenwerwachting Wine Estate.

More info about;


Information about Zandvlei.


3. See this link to published papers, information and articles. 


2. Zandvlei Catchment Rivers. -
1. Zandvlei catchment poster by Carol Howes. -







1. Water Level Management of Zandvlei,
a Z- fold pamphlet written
by Martin Thompson.

Read the content.

2. Rivers and Wetlands in our Backyards
a Z- fold pamphlet produced by the Environmental Resource Management and Catchment, Stormwater and River Management.
Read the content.


A lobby  / petion letter to Parliament in September 1913, by Henry Cloete, the owner of the Alphen Estate, about the afforestation on the Table Mountain and the Peninsula.

Read the document.

It is our pleasure that you publish the letter on your website. It is reproduced with permission of the Trustees of the Alphen Archive.

Henry Cloete, CMG of Alphen was my great great grand father and the owner of Alphen at the time the letter was written in 1913 (not 1813). Apart from being a farmer of distinction, he was a advocate and had been a member of the Cape Legislative Assembly. During his time at the Pretoria Bar he had the distinction being appointed British Agent to the Kruger Republic and represented the British Governments interests for a period after the withdrawal of their diplomatic representatives. For this Queen Victoria awarded him the CMG.

Alex Cloete - Hopkins    (Nov 2009)

4. The Early Detection and Rapid Response Programme
has a number of teams operating across the Metropole creating employment, skills training previously unemployed people, documenting problem areas, removing invasive species in a planned co ordinated and methodical way.
See the "most wanted" species on the Peninsula.

An article from the City of Cape Town magazine Enviroworks.

Invasive species;
a threat to our heritage.

Old Dutch East India survey maps from the 1700's of the Constantia valley with the catchment rivers into Zandvlei.

The maps.

Buffers  for Rivers and Wetlands.

Protecting Cape Towns rivers and wetlands with ecological buffers.

Issued by CRCM (City of Cape Town).

Download the pdf.  

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS)

A tool to improve the quality of Cape Town's stormwater and aquatic environments.

Issued by CRCM (City of Cape Town).

Download the pdf.

100 years Amalgamation of Water Services 1913 - 2013.

The history of water supply services in Cape Town.

Download the front page pdf.


Download the back page pdf.


The map of the City of Cape Town - Catchment Management boundaries November 2015.

Download the pdf.


Minutes 2016.

21 June 2016 Speaker presentations meeting 21/06/2016.   updated 24/08/2016.
21 June 2016 SRCF minutes.    updated 24/08/2016.
16 Feb 2016 Speaker presentations meeting 16/02/2016.
16 Feb 2016 SRCF minutes.

Minutes 2015.

Note: On 11 November 2015 the Forum reconvened after a long break, due to Catchment Management reorganisations within the City of Cape Town.

11 Nov 2015 Speaker presentations meeting 11/11/2015.
11 Nov 2015 SRCF minutes.

Minutes 2014.

29 July 2014 Speaker presentations meeting 29/07/2014.
29 July 2014 SRCF minutes.

18 Feb 2014

Speaker presentations meeting 18/02/2014.
18 Feb 2014 SRCF minutes.

Minutes 2013.

22 Oct 2013 Speaker presentations meeting  22/10/2013.
22 Oct 2013 SRCF minutes.
18 June 2013 Speaker presentations meeting  18/06/2013.
18 June 2013 SRCF minutes.
26 Feb 2013

Speaker presentations meeting  26/02/2013.

26 Feb 2013

SRCF minutes.

Minutes 2012.

20 Nov 2012 Speaker presentations meeting  20/11/2012.
20 Nov 2012 SRCF minutes.
28 Aug 2012 SRCF minutes.
28 Aug 2012 Speaker presentations meeting 28/08/2012.
08 May 2012 SRCF minutes.
08 May 2012 Speaker presentations meeting 08/05/2012.

31 Jan 2012

SRCF minutes.

31 Jan 2012

Speaker presentations meeting 31/01/2012.

Minutes 2011.

01 Dec 2011 ZAC minutes.
04 Oct 2011 SRCF minutes.
14 Sept 2011 ZAC minutes.
29 June 2011 ZAC minutes.
28 June 2011 SRCF minutes.
30 March 2011 ZAC minutes.
29 March 2011 SRCF minutes.
29 March 2011 Speaker presentations meeting 29/03/2011.
24 Jan 2011 SRCF minutes
24 Jan 2011 Speaker presentations meeting 24/01/2011.
19 Jan 2011 ZAC minutes.

Minutes 2010.

27 Sept 2010 SRCF minutes.
27 Sept 2010 Speaker presentations meeting 27/09/2010.
11 Aug 2010 ZAC minutes.
21 June 2010 SRCF minutes.
21 June 2010 Speaker presentations meeting 21/06/2010.
08 June 2010 Visit to Pollsmor Prison's dam on the Westlake River.
23 May 2010 The southern part of the Peninsula Paddle across the Cape Flats.
12 May 2010 ZAC minutes.
07 May 2010 Photos from the upper Westlake River inspection.
15 Feb 2010 Speaker presentations meeting 15/02/2010.
15 Feb 2010 SRCF minutes.
10 Feb 2010 ZAC meeting water quality report for 2009.
10 Feb 2010 ZAC minutes.

Minutes 2009.

25 Nov 2009 ZAC minutes.
23 Nov 2009 Speaker presentations meeting 23/11/2009.
23 Nov 2009 SRCF minutes.
04 Nov 2009 Photos from Buitenverwachting inspection.
24 Aug 2009 SRCF minutes.
24 Aug 2009 Speaker presentations meeting 24/08/2009.
19 Aug 2009 Frenske Otzen photos of the storm inspection at Soetvlei and Buitenverwagting.
27July 2009 Photos of Porter Estate to Soetvlei inspection.
03 June 2009 ZAC minutes.
25 May 2009 Speaker presentations  meeting 25/05/2009.
25 May 2009 SRCF minutes.
01 April 2009 Photos and article on mini SASS course on the Prinskasteel River by Jeanne Gouws (Cape Nature).
30 March 2009 Photos from "Ou Voor" inspection.
20 March 2009 Photos from the Zandvlei Source-to-Sea workshop.
23 Feb 2009 Speaker presentations meeting  23/02/2009.
23 Feb 2009 SRCF minutes

Minutes 2008.

24 Nov 2008 SRCF minutes
22 Oct 2008 Photos of Grootboskloof River inspection.
03 Sept 2008 ZAC minutes.
25 Aug 2008 SRCF minutes.
18 July 2008 Photos of Prinskasteel River inspection (2nd phase)
26 May 2008 SRCF minutes with ZAC minutes from May 2008
03 April 2008 Photos of Prinskasteel River inspection (1st phase)
25 Feb 2008 SRCF minutes with  ZAC minutes from Feb 2008 

Minutes 2007.

30 Oct 2007

 SRCF minutes with ZAC minutes from October 2007

24 July 2007

 SRCF minutes

18 July 2007

 ZAC meeting minutes

25 April 2007

 ZAC meeting minutes

31 Jan 2007

 ZAC meeting minutes

Minutes 2006.

6 Dec 2006

 ZAC meeting was postponed to 31 January 2007.

3 Oct 2006

 ZAC meeting minutes

Minutes 2005.

11 Aug 2005  annexed are the ZAC minutes from 18 July 2005.
12 May 2005  annexed are the ZAC minutes from 11 April  2005.
10 Feb 2005  minutes


Further background information

November 2015 - The Forum reconvened after more than a years break due to re-organisation within the Catchment Management devision of the City of Cape Town. Abdullah Parker chaired the meeting on the 11 November 2015. At this meeting Bob Craske (Marina da Gama representative) was elected as Chairman. He was nominated by Abdullah Parker for the position. The Deputy Chairman elected is Eugene Moll. 
The name of the Forum was also changed by concensus to the Zandvlei Catchment Forum.

July 2007 - The agenda for the first re-instated meeting on 24 July 2007 has been sent to the role players.

March 2007An outcome of the last Mayoral meeting is that the Forum will start again. Martin Thompson will Chair the meetings.
Zandvlei Trust proposes these meetings should be held quarterly with all the representatives of the civil society and the relevant City officals in the catchment of Zandvlei.

February 2007 - The Mayor asked Barry Wood to start the Sand River Catchment Forum Meetings again.

January 2007 - Zandvlei Trust is lobbying to have these importnat meetings re-instated. Meetings with the Mayor of Cape Town took place.

September 2005 - Chairman of the SRCMF left the City, and no further Sand River Catchment Forum meetings have taken place.

The founding Chairman, was Bryan Nicolson from Catchment, Stormwater and River Management of the City of Cape Town in 1998.
Vincent Marincowitz, a Zandvlei Trust Exco member, lobbied for the formulation of this Forum, along with others.


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