Zandvlei Trust

This is a working relationship with the communtity of Village Heights,
the Zandvlei Trust, various other voluntary NPO's and the City of Cape Town.

The City of Cape Town adopted Village Heights for a legacy community pilot project, as part of
The World Design Capital 2014.

What and where is Village Heights Community Centre.

It is a registered NPO. Situated in the Lavender Hill area at the end of Military Road and close to the Rondevlei Nature Reserve western border.

It has a number of skills development and upliftment projects for the local community run by the local volunteer community members. We works with many other organisations, local and international, and
also individuals to help further our aim.

Projects are;

  • a Community Library with surfing for different age groups.

  • a Community vegetable garden and a Community Nature Garden

  • a Community Youth and Adult development programme

  • a Soccer and Netball club

  • a Crochet and Knitting classes

  • an assisted Feeding Programme

Who we are.

It is a voluntary community organisation with a small membership. At our last AGM the following were elected to the governing body;

Position Name
Chairman Bernadine Thomas
Secretary Tanya Adams
Treasurer Gerrard Wigram
Exco Member Edward Thomas
Exco Member Sharon McCallum
Exco Member Maureen Julies
Exco Member Nathan Nelson

Gavin Lawson is a volunteer Zandvlei Trust member, training and advising the administration of the VHCC organisation as a ZVT project together with the above people and others. 
Contact Gavin Lawson.  or  021 705 5224.

Some of the Organisations we have working partnerships with.

  • Abalimi Bezekhaya (Harvest of Hope)

  • City of Cape Town (numerous depts)

  • Projects Abroad, Cape Town

  • Prospur Spar Supermarket, Plumstead

  • The Christ Church, Constantia

  • Pollsmoor Prison Out Reach Programme

  • Zandvlei Trust

  • Vrygrond library

  • CTEET (Cape Town Environmental Education Trust)

The Village Heights Community Nature Garden.

Marijke Honig set up a Facebook page for the Community Nature Garden. Have a look at this
exciting project by the City of Cape Town and a number of other role players.

Click on the photo below for the link.

photograph by Marijke Honig.

At the the workshop in October 2014 in the Seawinds Community Centre ideas were drawn from
a number of people and organisations in the Lavender Hill area, so that the planning of the
Community Garden could begin.

This is the current plan for the area which came from the planning process above. The plan is
displayed in the library at Village Heights.

Loubie Rusch makes lekker tasting food / kos from indigenous plants that grow all around us.
She is working on the Nature Garden project too. She has identified local edible plants which grow
easily here.
A variety of species will be grown in a Seed Library Garden which will be planted in the Nature Garden.

photograph by Loubie Rusch.

Wild Asparagus (veldkool) delicious raw or cooked.

photograph by Loubie Rusch.

See Loubie's very interesting FB page here.

01/09/2016 - The young ones were learning to colour in today. Blocks and circles are used as
a basic teaching method for hand, eye co-ordination, colour selection, listening to instruction
and much more.

"Look what I did today."

See more ..... updated 02/09/2016.

Baby booty and cap sets are the latest addition to the variety of hand knitted items for sale.


26/08/2016 - The flowers are blooming at Village Heights.

Looking across the wetland from the Rondevlei Nature Reserve fence line.

There are carpets of spring flowers to be seen.

26/08/2016 - We had the 3rd Upcycling Waste Workshop with Amy today.

Washing the bottles before starting to work with them.

See more .....   updated 31/08/2016.


25/08/2016 - Today was warm and sunny with no wind after early morning fog over the whole Peninsula.
Busy as usual. Tuesday the Projects Abroad Nutrition Workshop continued with fewer mothers as many were at doctors clinics and hospitals. Wednesday the Knitting Class continued with Joan and we had a new lady today. Also Youth with a Mission came to help the children with homework and played games in the play park with them. The children were busy in the afternoons with homework in the library. Last Friday the Eco Buddies were making a mannequin from upcycled waste to display the knitting on when the knitters go to the craft market.

Here is our "new" knitter, after starting one test squares
yesterday, look what she has produced today!!

See more..... updated 26/08/2016.

Dumping which took place over night.

The variety of junk dumped is building material, broken disued domestic items, kitchen
and food waste. Education on a long term and wide reaching scale is required to reach every 
single person living here.

Projects Abroad volunteer plastering the walls.

See more ..... updated 30/08/2016.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Hard at work in the library doing homework.

See more .... updated 30/08/2016.


18/08/2016 - Today we continued wit knitting in between all the other activities on the go. 
Edward is changing the layout of the garden at the side of the house and had help moving
bricks and relaying some pipe work.
Projects Abroad fetch the children on Tuesdays and Thursday afternoons for surfing at 
Muizenberg beach.

Veronica with 2 baby caps she made in yesterdays knitting class. 
She is busy making a scarf in this photo.

We are knitting gloves now.

The last of the 22 Projects Abroad volunteers in Deens building team are leaving today and going
back to the UK. 
Two new volunteers have arrived from Germany.


16/08/2016 - Today the 3rd Projects Abroad Nutrition Workshop took place. The mothers learnt
a lot of new information.
Also the Eco Buddies Club members were working on a project to make a flute. They had to do 
research in the library and on the internet and find out how to go about making and playing a flute.
They even found out one can make a flute from a carrot!!!

photograph by Veronica Metoor.

The Eco Buddies making different kinds of flutes from some discarded plastic pipe.

See more .....  updated 25/08/2016.

photograph by Veronica Metoor.

The footprints of the babies were taken today to stick into their workshop books.

See more .....  updated 25/08/2016.

12/08/2016 - Today we had the 2nd Upcycling Waste Workshop at VHCC a project
funded by the Table Mountain Fund (TMF) as a ZVT project. The Eco Buddy Club were involved today.

Here is some of our group today after we finished making a "sample tree".

See what we did .... updated 30/08/2016.


11/08/2016 - Today a group of the Eco Buddies were playing with a ball in the play park while
waiting for the Projects Abroad Surfing taxi to fetch them.

Some deft foot skills being show there.

.... and suddenly the ball was dancing off under another pair of feet going in circles.

.....twisting and turning........

06/08/2016 - Today Saturday we had the Dignity Campaign Workshop run by Meagan Ruiters
and her assistant Kat.
Sharon McCallum managed to raise R10,000 via a donation to fund the activity and order the
packs for the ladies.

photograph by Sharon McCallum.

Our group today at the end of the Workshop.

See more ..... 


04/08/2016 - The volunteers were still arriving and others leaving. It rained hard again on Tuesday so the Nutrition Workshop was cancelled. Wednesday was a public holiday for the municipal voting elections, so there was no knitting class. There is enough stock to go to the Marina Craft market this Saturday. We also have a Dignity Campaign Workshop on Saturday afternoon for the ladies.

Projects Abroad volunteers from Switzerland and Luxembourg
mixing cement for the wall being built behind them.

See more .... 

The cabbages growing very well in the vege garden.

See more .... 

The young children having fun with a squirt bottle filled with water.

"Look its empty ..... I must fill it again."

It is a constant battle to clear the junk just dumped next to the VHCC playpark. There is a formal
refuse removal system in place but people just dump their junk in open spaces believing the
"magic fairies" will remove it in time. "It creates employment" they say.

31/07/2016 - The Monthly Report for July by the Chairman.          updated 13/08/2016.

28/07/2016 - Wow what a storm we had on Tuesday all day and night. Spent Wednesday clearing up the water paddles. The Nutrition Workshop had to be cancelled because the creche building was flooded. 5 Projects Abroad volunteers were leaving us today. The knitting is progressing with some new items.

A group photo of volunteer Projects Abroad Building Team leaving today. 2 from the group will be

These are the bright colourful caps and scarves that Berny and Veronica have been making.

See more .....

21/07/2016 - This week the children went back to school. And it was still very busy at VHCC.
Projects Abroad volunteers still building and decorating the creche walls inside. The Nutrition
Workshops continued on Tuesday. A box of educational toys and books arrived at the library
today donated by Patty Hardy.

"What is going on here?"

See what was happening .... updated 29/07/2016.

A Princess from a story being painted on the wall in the creche by the Projects Abroad volunteers.

On another wall in the creche the continent of Africa in the spotlight. It is having some details filled in.

The boys cooking the lunch for all. 

14/07/2016 - The Projects Abroad volunteer  team building a wall today.

The little ones also wanted to help build!! Seen shovelling the cement over the wall to the builders.

See more .... 


14/07/2016 - Veronica is busy knitting more lions.

Veronica with her knitting basket.


14/07/2016 - Today was the last day for a number of the volunteers who will be returning to the
various countries they come from. They are coming back to VHCC for a celebration braai this evening.

A Projects Abroad volunteers group photo with the children in the playpark.

See more .....

13/07/2016 - Today there was a game on in the courtyard. The Projects Abroad volunteers playing
with the children.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

The game is to eliminate the opposing team members till the last person standing wins. It is
played with a ball.

See more ....  

12/07/2016 - Today was the second Nutritional Workshop at VHCC for mothers and babies from
 the Village Heights area.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Deborah Talbot is a Nutrition Project Manager with Projects Abroad and a Registered Dietition
with her assitant demonstrating how a baby is measured using a plastic doll.
She will be conducting a 6 month Early Child Development project with these grandmothers,
mothers and babies.

See more ..... 

12/07/2016 - The Projects Abroad volunteers playing with the children and they were given lunch too.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

See more ....  

07/07/2016 - To day was a busy day at VHCC!!!  Plenty of activity on the go today.
A vegetable garden workshop conducted by Melanie Stewart from Botsoc. Projects Abroad building, preparing food to be cooked for all and playing with the children, also a small bus load of visitors from the Projects Abroad office.
An upcycling activity which Berny was conducting to make leaves for the "upcycled tree".
Books arrived for the library.
There were applicants going through documentation requiremments for job and skills training to be submitted.
Also VHCC admin activities were on the go.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Melanie Stewart conducting a vegetable garden workshop.

See more....

The Projects Abroad volunteers having fun with the kids.

See more....

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Projects Abroad volunteers making food for everyone at VHCC today.

See more .....

Projects Abroad volunteers building.

See more....

Berny going through a box of childrens books donated by Patty Hardy.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Catherine came all the way from Camps Bay to support the knitting group.
She is taking a giraffe and and elephant home.

See more.... 

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

These children have filled these 2 bags with litter removed from the wetland and surrounding area.
What are they going to be doing with the contents?

See more.... 

30/06/2016 - The Monthly Report for June by the Chairman.

30/06/2016 - It is mid year school holidays. This week 5 children from VHCC attended the
CTEET holiday programme on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at Zeekoevlei. The transport
was sponsored by the National Lotto Fund.


Ciao! Buon giorno! The Italian Boys are in town.
These Projects Abroad volunteers have come to do some building with Deen. There was some
fun and games too. They were learning Afrikaans sayings and Berny was learning Italian sayings.

Julie and Berny testing at the sewing machine. Julie is making epiletes for her childrens uniforms.

The giraffes are multiplying at VHCC, "a good conservation programme is being developed here."

The toolbox for the Upcycling Waste Workshop and some of the tools we will be using.

The soccer goal post plastic joints are broken. They are made from ABS plastic and are too
brittle for this job. They have shattered on impact from a soccer ball kicked and hitting the posts.

Where to find replacements? They should possibly be made from polypropolyene, which is flexible.

05/06/2016 - Today was the first Nutritional Workshop at VHCC for mothers and babies from
the Village Heights area run by Deborah Talbot from Projects Abroad.
This is an Early Child Development Project.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Deborah introducing herself and her assistant to the class today.

See more ....  

30/06/2016 - Botsoc member Melanie Stewart and her husband came today and delivered a load of
compost and installed irrigation piping to reach a far section of the garden.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

See more .....


29/06/2016 - Projects Abroad - Cyris is leaving us today to go back to Australia. He has been coming to work at VHCC for 3 months.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Cyris standing with his legs crossed listening to Deen thanking him for the wonderful time spent at VHCC.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Here he is holding the baby in pink along with other volunteers from Italy and the USA. Some 
of the local boys from VH have come to say goodbye to him too.


28/06/2016 - The Dignity Campaign came to visit VHCC today. Meagan Ruiters came to visit and introduce herself and the campaign to the ladies to explore the subject requirement in the VH area.
There is definetly a requirement and we will start some workshops soon.

           Help by sponsoring a Dignity Day.  See the website above.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

Demonstrating a menstrual cup.

photograph by Bernadine Thomas.

It was established that there is a definite need in the Village Heights area for this discussion,
information sharing, education, enlightenment and products. There is a defintite environmental
benefit as well.

23/06/2016 - "J.A.M porridge goes down a treat". "Die pap sjmaak lekker!" they say.

photographs by Bernadine Thomas.

Veronica handing out bread rolls supplied by Prospur Spar Super Market, Plumstead
and delivered by Projects Abroad.
They are also waiting with a container or packet to receive a large helping of the fortified porridge.

See more .....

17/06/2016 - VHCC has signed a Charter with a number of role players in the Village Heights area.
Nicola Rule from the City of Cape Town, Major Programmes and Projects Assistant, Environmental Resource Management Department, co-ordinated the process at the Seawinds Community Centre and concluded the process by distributing the minutes of the meeting and a photo record of the Charter. Each of the signatories have received a framed and signed copy for their records and reference.

photograph by Stephen Granger.

The signed Village Heights Charter. 

09/06/2016 - The knitting group were busy and Joan had made a very pretty sample cap. Veronica was busy producing some for sale at the Market.

The second cap being knitted by Veronica. What beautiful colours!

Also on the go was the repair an addition to the upcycled waste tree experiment. A hot gun was borrowed and available for the afternoon. So a group got stuck into modifying and repairing the tre stem. It was relocated to another part of the vegetable garden out of the way. The test is to see how it endures the winter elements until Amy returns for the next Workshops in August.

Some of the plastic material picked up in the Village Heights wetland and stored to modify the tree.

See what they did....

05/06/2016 - The Peninsula Paddle from Muizenberg to Milnerton via the waterways to highlight
water quality and the condition of our catchment systems to the City of Cape Town.
VHCC was there too. Ismaail, Gellil and Levi took part this year and had a wonderful time.

photograph by Errol Smith.

Ismaail, Levi and Gellil at the start just after 07h30 paddling at Zandvlei. 
Behind them is the Thesens Bridge near the estuary mouth.

See what they did..... 

31/05/2016 - The May Monthly Report by the Chairman.


Between 12/05/2016 and 09/06/2016 the photographer was not able to visit VHCC, so there
is no photo documentery update available.
That does not mean plenty of things did happened during this time. 
Plenty did happen.

12/05/2016 - There was news that a donation from The Church of the Good Shepherd - Protea
and Gerrard and Joan Wigram were bringing their priest Rev Jo Tyers with them to visit VHCC
for the first time to find out where and what happens here.

Some of the warm winter jackets being worn for the photograph with Rev.Tyers in the centre.
Gerrard is on the left with the white top.

Joan is hiding away behind Edwina.

We thank the congregation of The Church of the Good Shepherd - Protea very much for this well
received and timely donation.

07/05/2016 - Marina da Gama Craft Market today.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

Berny at the table with all the goods for sale. Please support the knitting group by purchasing
their hand knitted items for sale.

06/05/2016 - After school today the young girls wanted to make flowers for Mothers Day. 
So Berny and Veronica showed them what they had learnt in Amy Rusch's workshops.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

The flowers we made for our Mother's Day on Sunday. The late afternoon sunshine is 
catching the flower in its vase on the right.

See more.....

05/05/2016 - Today was a school holiday in the general Lavender Hill area. The local Christian
school teachers decided as it was a significant religious holiday previous recognised and there
would not have school classes today. A note was sent with each school child to this effect.

So the play park and the library was full of activity.

So what were they doing?

Sitting in the warm autumn sun outside the library, quietly engrossed......

.....playing a card game.

03/05/2016 - Today was the first of four Upcycling Waste Workshops funded by the
Table Mountain Fund
(TMF) as a ZVT project which will take place over the next few months.
Amy will be away for a while and has set the team a challenge to see what they can collect and
make for the "tree project".
Lets see what they can do!!

Making parts of "the tree. What tree?".

See more.....  

30/04/2016 - The April Monthly Report by the Chairman.


27/04/2016 - Today was a public holiday the everyone had been looking forward to going hiking
up Lions Head.
CTEET and Projects Abroad paid for the transport costs to get 25 of us there and back.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

On top of the world with Cape Town way below.

See more ..... 

26/04/2016 - Today the Projects Abroad team, Wynberg office, with their Director Peter Slowe paid
a visit to VHCC for an update on activities here.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

The Projects Abroad team Wynberg office visiting VHCC.

See more .....  

21/04/2016 - Take a closer look at what is growing in the back garden of a house in VH.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

Veronica took this photograph of a grenadilla vine which is about 1 year old. It is being trained 
onto an overhead pergola to make a green shaded area in the backyard. It is dipping in fruits so
it is obviously very well tendered.

Just shows what can be done.

20/04/2016 - Visitors to VHCC today.

photograph by Veronica Mentoor.

Who could they be?

See who they are ......

19/04/2016 - The tyre forest has been vandalised! Someone in the community cut the big branches off.
Possibly to sell for firewood!!

photograph by Veronica Mentor.

The children helping to plant some pruned branches from the VHCC vegegarden trees.

See more ....

18/04/2016 - The VH children using the library to do their school homework.

photograph by Veronica Mentor.

The little ones watching the older boys doing their homework in the library.

See more ....

16/04/2016 - Birdathon at the False Bay Nature Reserve. ZVT sponsored the transport of the VHCC
group to the event. The knitting group had been allocated a table to display and sell their knitting items.

photograph supplied by Bernadine Thomas.

The children lining up for a turn to look through Simon Fogarty's telescope on the Information
Centre in the Southern Birding Area of the False Bay Nature Reserve.

See more .... 

14/04/2016 - Lots going on as usual at VHCC this week. 

What is happening here?

Have a look....

What is Jan Vathjunker (Kulu Manzi Foundation) doing outside the Grassy Park Pep Store 
with this till slip?

.......and what is Jan doing outside the Lavender Hill High School Hall?

See here what he was doing....

07/04/2016 - The Projects Abroad team made a big pot of vegetable stew for everyone
at VHCC today. Thank you team.

The level has gone down quickly. Got to leave some for the others arriving a little later. 

See more....

31/03/2016 - The March Monthly Report by the Chairman.

31/03/2016 - This week has been busy. Pride of Table Mountain walk with Sharon on Saturday, a soccer derby on Easter Monday, some nearby houses burnt down on Tuesday and all were helping there. And it is still school holidays with all the children who are very active.

These animals are going to a movie tonight in Muizenberg at the Masque Theatre!

See more.....


The kids were having some fun with their druming session in the playpark.

There was 1 x bongo drum, 1 x 25 litre paint drum and a 5 x litre paint tin
 with dozens of hands banging out the rhythm.
And some whistling too.

23/03/2016 - This is National Water Week and school holidays. 15 children from VHCC
had the opportunity via ZVT to go to the Masque Theatre in Muizenberg to see the play 
by the Jungle Theatre Company called the River of Life.

The poster advertising the play at the Masque Theatre, Muizenberg.

See more ..... 

20/03/2016 - The Sunday soccer continues. Stephen Granger came to see a match with some 
visitors and he took these photos.

photograph by Stephen Granger.

The VH Street Swingers team in orange tops and VH New Age team in the yellow tops.

See more .....  

17/03/2016 - The school holidays are about to start and the playpark is busy.

Ziema started knitting this week and made these coat hanger covers.

See more ..... 

Deen and his Projects Abroad team members are building.

It is school holidays tomorrow and the boys are already having some fun.

Wayden holding his school report, he did very well this term.

10/03/2016 - There were very unpleasant shootings between the gangs fighting in the area last week. 
This week all is quiet cross fingers.

Jan Vathjunker came to visit today. He spent some time with Bernie going over some ideas and
plans he has to help some of the children at Village Heights.

Bernie and Jan in discussion planning and working out what could happen. Bernie showing Jan
some photos of recent activities at VHCC.

See more .... 

Veronica working on a Zebra. They were busy yesterday making handbags too.

See more .... 

There are a few small children coming to the Centre, so the Gift of Hope is running again.

See more .... 

These brothers enjoy reading books and come to the library regularly.
So Bernie decided to give them this pack of beautiful books.

See more ....  

09/03/2016 - On Wednesday the sewing and knitting group continued.

photograph supplied by Bernadine Thomas.

A teapot cosy which has some orders attached. "Can we or cant we? Of course we can!!"

See more .....

06/03/2016 - Sunday afternoon Soccer at Village Heights.

photograph supplied by Bernadine Thomas.

Senior Ladies against the Junior Ladies soccer match. There were 3 other age group matches played.

See more .... 

05/03/2016 - Bernadine and Veronica went to the Marina Craft Market today.

photograph supplied by Bernadine Thomas.

Veronica setting up the table at the Marina Craft Market.

See more .... 

29/02/2016 - The February Monthly Report by the Chairman.


25/02/2016 - Plenty going on at VHCC today.

Sharon brought some colourful material today.

See what we made with the material.......  


What are all these bottles doing here?
The sports teams are training. They need weights to make them stronger and fitter. So we made some.

Reusing and Recycling bottles in the process. The lessons being taught here are learning about and taking care and responsibility for the natural environment next to our play ground.

See the photos below for 23/02/2016 when the Environmental Resource Management interns came to visit.

The weights all lined up neatly for todays practise.

The work bench where the weights are still being made. The bottles are filled with sand.
The small bottles are dumb bells for the girls and the younger children to use.

All the soccer and netball team players had to bring a set of bottles from home. There were a few
children who did not have any, they then searched the Nature Garden area to find suitable bottles.

24/02/2016 - Joan's knitting classes have changed to Wednesdays. We are making lions now.

This is the sample made by Joan, next to a real cousin image in a library book.

24/02/2016 - We have got a netball hoop made from a car tyre and some planks.

photograph supplied by Bernadine Thomas.

Netball practise today.

See more .....  

23/02/2016 - The Citys ERM interns Allie and Nicola came to visit today.

photograph supplied by Bernadine Thomas.

Ismail was teaching the children to use the weights they have made from plastic bottles filled
with sand.

See more.....   

photograph supplied by Bernadine Thomas.

The children were asked to come to VHCC after school in their school uniforms today, so that 
Bernie could assess the needs.
There is a plan.
They have also brought empty plastic bottles for reuse in the sports training.

18/02/2016 - As usual there is plenty going on at VHCC.

Ismail is sporting a new cool hairstyle.

A Citrus Swallowtail Butterfly (see this link) catepillar larvae has grown quite large eating
the lemon tree leaves. Citrus trees are the host plants for these larvae.

This little wasp was really checking out the catepillars. Many wasps prey on catepillars or 
lay eggs for their pupae to feed on the live catepillars.

The little ones were putting a jigsaw puzzle together on the floor in the library.

"We dont need help we can do it by our selves" they said.

The knitting classes have changed to Wednesdays. This week we did coat hanger covers.

The hangers all came from the recycling project down the road at Sonja's house.
So our knitting project is also helping by reducing, reusing and recycling.

Some multicoloured wool was tried. It has a crochet pansy flower too.

17/02/2016 - Netball practise took place today in the playpark.

photograph supplied by Bernadine Thomas.

The senior players train the younger players after all school homework has been completed.
We had a photographer today to record some of the fun and action.

See more .... 

17/02/2016 - Bernie attended a Table Mountain Fund workshop at the Zandvlei Nature Reserve today.
Boitshekwane Kgantsi took us through the documentation processes when applying for
funding and we were able to ask all the questions about the possibilities for our funding applications.

Boitshekwane Kgantsi (Maki) presenting the funding proposal documentation and explaining 
the processes in the EE Centre at the Zandvlei Nature Reserve.

Sharon McCallum, Chairman of ZVT and Mark Arendse, Zandvlei Environmental Education Manager.

Cherry Giljam (Friends of Park Island at Zandvlei), Bernie and Edwina listening and making notes.

11/02/2016 - Joan Wigram's knitting class continued today. The Projects Abroad surfing activity
was cancelled today, so the children played in the playpark instead.
The soccer practise starts at 16h45 when all the homework is completed. 

February has been a very hot month and today Joan Wigram brought a swimming pool
to VHCC and these mermaids jumped in.

The library was busy this afternoon. School homework completed is a prerequisite to be
finished before anyone can participate in afternoon fun activities at VHCC.

Veronica knitting a new batch of coat hanger covers. All the previous hangers have been sold.

Easter time is soon, so a sample Easter Bunny with real sweeties in the basket was
presented by Joan for the class today.
These are a row of Easter ducks which were started today. Some crocheted and the rest knitted.

06/02/2016 - The table which Bernie setup at the Marina da Gama Shopping Centre market.
There was some mid oil burning with a lot of work put in to build the stock for the weekend.
Bernie said the sales were very slow, possibly due to Elaines being closed. She did say she was kept entertained by the other stall holders with the banter going back and forth.

photograph by Bernie Thomas.

Valentine Day was the theme which is this coming weekend.

photograph by Bernie Thomas.

The coat hangers sold out with an order placed for more.

04/02/2016 - The teams photo with the tops worn by most of the members for the sports teams. This is part of the sports gear donated by the Kingston University team last week.

The teams all together some were missing so the adults stood in for the photo. The orange bibs are the netball teams. The yellow tops are the senior soccer teams. The dark blue and red tops are the junior soccer players.

Veronica with the front and back parts to the Valentine Day doll she is making.

The romantic cushions.

One of the dolls being sewn up.

31/01/2016 - The Monthly Report by the Chairman of VHCC.

28/01/2016 - The Kingston University, London students came to visit today. They stayed for lunch
after participating in a litter cleanup in the Nature Garden area, and observing the recycling programme recently introduced at VH. 

Stephen Granger addressing the Kingston University visitors after lunch just before they all went
to play and watch a game of football on the sports field.

See what we did .....

21/01/2016 - There are some of the big five animals appearing in and around the Rondevlei Nature Reserve.

Giraffes in light and dark shades.

Veronica sewing the giraffe up just before the stuffing goes in.

14/01/2016 - Starting the new year.

There is an elephant in the room!

See what we have been making ...... 

Bernie and Veronica picking green beans for supper.

See what they were doing in the vege garden ..... 

07/01/2016 - Starting the new year.

The tyre forest has survived the Christmas period so far, including the howling wind and heat.

The VHCC vege garden has been producing a variety of things to eat.

The area burnt on the 17/12/2015 has recovered quite well.



See what happened at VHCC during.

2015. 2014. 2013. 2012.


How you can help?    Zandvlei Trust is helping.

  • By donating money for transporting the children on educational and sport outings. (eg Zandvlei Nature Reserve, to Rondevlei Nature Reserve, to Muizenberg beach to learn to surf).

  • We need suitable library material (books, magazines, posters, paper, crayons, etc) for the creche and library. Various computer equipment and programmes are required.

  • We need  various seeds for the vegetable garden. Also gardening tools and implements.

  • We need a football and soccer jerseys, shorts and boots.

  • What skills training, education practise or help can you offer?

Contact   Gerrard Wigram      on  021 788 7622 the ZVT Treasurer,
  or  Sharon McCallum   on  021 788 8592 the ZVT Chair,
          or  Gavin Lawson         on  021 705 5224 if you need more information.

Date Name Item updated
Aug 2016 The Waffle House, Ramsgate. Donation 10/08/2016.
July 2016 Patty Kolbe. Books and educational games for the library.


June and July 2016 Melanie Stewart from Botsoc. Vegetable garden equipment, compost and a workshop. -
May 2016 The Church of the Good Shepherd - Protea. Winter clothes. -
April 2016 J.A.M. and V.P.P.U. Regular food donations. -
April 2016 Patty Kolbe. Books for the library.


Oct 2015 Muriel Darke. Sewing machine -
Oct 2015 Joan Wigram. Skills training, sponsor, skills mentoring. -
July 2015 B.E.N (Marina). Bicycle donation -
April 2015 Apex Shark Expeditions. Donation -
April 2015 The Waffle House, Ramsgate. Donation -
March 2015 The Waffle House, Ramsgate. Donation -
Jan 2015 Biblionef SA. Books for various age groups at the Library. -
Sept 2014 Jan Vathjunker and Kulu Manzi Surfing Foundation. School uniform donations and skills mentoring. -
Aug 2014 Tony van Ryneveld. Skills training, sponsor. -
July 2014 Lil van Ryneveld. Skills training, sponsor, skills mentoring. -
Feb 2014 Biblionef SA. Books for various age groups at the Library. -
Feb 2014 ATKV Johannesburg. Books for the library. -
Feb 2014

Vincent Marincowitz.

Books for the library. -
Jan 2014

Marina da Gama residents.

School starter packs for 1st year children. -
Jan 2014 The Lions, Bergvliet,
Mrs Saville.
Educational materials for pre school creche. -
Dec 2013 The Lions, Bergvliet,
Mrs Saville.
Educational toys for the Christmas party. -
Dec 2013 Una Hartley.  PC equipment and furniture.


Oct 2013 Barry Parker. PC equipment.


March 2012 Gerrard Wigram. Skills training, accounts.


March 2012 Sharon McCallum. Skills training,communications, social services and development. -
Feb 2012 Gavin Lawson.

Skills training, communications, social services and development.

June 2010 Pollsmoor Prison Outreach programme. Regular food donations -
May 2007 Prospur Spar, Plumstead. Regular food donations -
April 2007

Projects Abroad - Deen Singh and his teams.

Construction, social development and services. -
Jan 2007 The Christ Church, Constantia. Food hampers and clothing.




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