Zandvlei Trust

Village Heights Community Centre - 27 August 2016.

 This is a working relationship with Village Heights Community Centre,
Table Mountain Fund, Amy Rusch
and Zandvlei Trust.

The first Upcycling Waste Workshop funded by the Table Mountain Fund.
Amy Rusch
is a freelance Artist / Maker and is presenting the series of four workshops. This Zandvlei Trust project is being managed by Gavin Lawson for the Village Heights community.
One of the main project aims is to help prevent or reduse the plastic litter entering our wetland and the Rondevlei Nature Reserve. 
Also to reduse the refuse or waste material going to the landfill site which is just 500 metres away.

It was a warm sunny afternoon with blue skies. Amy brought some time lapse sequences from the last Workshop to show everybody.
It was decided that the children would eat after the Workshop today.

The Eco Buddies have been collecting bottles and have bags full of litter picked up and stored
in bags for todays Workshop.

Amy brought a number of examples and she explained how they were all made from plastic bags.

Makes a very nice hat! 

So the tops have to be cut off the bottles, and passed down the line for washing.

The edges have to be carefully trimmed.

Some of the bottles still had sticky cooldrink in them which had to be washed, rinsed and then dried.

The youngest ones liked to play with the water, and needed some direction.

The younger guys cutting the petals carefully.

Look at all the bottle tops cut and ready for the next process. They make pretty patterns on the table.

The next process is to make the flowers using the heat guns. Everybody has been carefully 
instructed that the tools are not toys. They can burn one if care and focus on the subject 
is not kept at all times when using them.

Everyone had a turn to make a flower curl up with the heat gun. 

He promised to keep the gun still and not burn Amy's hand.

The petals winding up like a spring.

"Keep it away so that it does not melt too quickly. Work slowly" was the instruction.

Team work is important with careful use of this tool. 

"Is this not a beautiful flower in the making?" 

Next the bottles being stuffed with the wrapped silver sausage. Inside the silver sausage is the
junk which has been collected from all around the wetland and at the dump.

Amy making sure the bottles are tightly connected together and wont come apart.

The air being compressed out of the bottles as they shrink.

The smallest and youngest is helping to wrap the junk into a silver sausage.

The team work is good.

The 2nd tree is coming along. Berny is managing to help even with her very sore back.

The flowers are being put onto the first tree. "Have to pull the cable ties tight." 
In the background the 2nd tree is coming along quickly. as we know what to do now.

The shadows show up well on the library wall.

The interesting paterns and light reflections.

The girls doing the flower arranging.

More interesting reflections.

The 2 silver trees completed, but not finished yet. They have to receive a base.

"So what do you think?" "Cool hey!"

Cleaning up the tables so that we can have our curry and rice, which has been waiting for us.
There were yummy smells coming from the kitchen.

So one more Workshop to go. 
We would like to finish maybe 3 more trees. They will have a base, so that they can stand up
on display in an arrangement to demonstate a creative way to process waste packaging materials.


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