Zandvlei Trust

Background of the Trust

Established in 1988 from an environmental sub-committee, of the Ward 17 (Muizenberg) Rate Payers Association. On Wednesday 23rd March 1988 the inaugural meeting at the Imperial Yacht Club took place with the following present;

Name Organisation
Dr Jeff Thornton    Town Planning CTCC
Mr R Straszarker Parks and Forests CTCC
Mr John Wilson Parks and Forests CTCC
Mrs D Barends Botanical Society
Mr Noel Peagam Sea Scout Base
Mr John Wilkin WP Boardsailing Club
Mr Vincent Marincowitz  Imperial Yacht Club
Mr John Coats   Cape Bird Club
Dr Dave Whitelaw  Cape Bird Club
Mr Case Rysdijk Eastlake Residents Association
Mr Hilton Vermaas Eastlake Residents Association / Ward 17
Mr Geoff Bailey    Ward 17 RPA Exco
Mrs Joye Gibbs    Ward 17 RPA Exco

Zandvlei Trust is a civil society, volunteer and apolitical organisation with an Executive Committee; it has a Constitution and is a registered non-profit organisation. 
Its aim is to promote the conservation of the indigenous fauna and flora of Zandvlei and to enhance the natural resource for the benefit of all.

Through its dedicated members, the Trust has continuously lobbied for better management of the vlei. They have provoked officials into carrying out technical reports on many different aspects of the vlei, i.e. the salinity, the weed growth and tube worm, all necessary for a healthy water system.

Membership is by subscription and open to anyone. Currently there are +/- 200 paid up members. For the subscription monies members have received 4 newsletters a year and numerous members activities have been arranged over the years. A typical years activities may be, World Wetlands Day, River Day, Arbour Day, AGM, and a members workshop. Guest speakers are invited to address the meetings with Conservation / Environmental topics. Task Teams address ongoing and specific issues to further the aim of the Trust.

The Executive Members sit on numerous local environmental related committees, sub committees and Forums to monitor legislation, developments, which potentially effect Zandvlei and its catchment. They also lobby, monitor and attend public meetings, which affect the rivers, which feed into Zandvlei, e.g. Sand River Catchment Forum, Zandvlei Action Committee, False Bay Ecology Park Steering Committee.
Participate in numerous EIA processes when developments are proposed. The Executive would like to believe they have credibility with local and regional government bodies whom they deal with regularly. The Exco members have developed working partnerships with local City officials.

The Executive work with, consult and network with a number of qualified, professional, experienced and knowledgeable people on the natural environment, who have regularly contributed articles for the Newsletters.


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