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The Quandary of the Pondweed

It is no secret that our beautiful vlei is facing serious challenges which appear to have increased rather drastically over the past few years. Sewage leaks (mainly) have caused an overload

The Quandary of the Pondweed2022-09-03T13:24:17+00:00

ZVT news pump: Pump Stations – Getting Pumped Up

In early August the rusting Clifton Road pump completely failed and Muizenberg Beach had be closed while Council fixed it and did its best to “honey suck” the fetid flow. You could smell the $#!% around there for days.

ZVT news pump: Pump Stations – Getting Pumped Up2022-09-03T13:26:01+00:00

How the “litter monsters” were born

Previous chair of the Trust, David Muller, spearheaded the move to create art-installation litterbins at the litter hot spot of Thesen’s Bridge across The Narrows near the estuary mouth. They were supposed to be otters, but turned out the

How the “litter monsters” were born2022-09-03T13:47:58+00:00

Litterers Never Sleep 

The metal litter grille upstream of Marina da Gama: unfortunately theft of the surrounding traps results in overspill of trash that has to be caught downstream. The planned bio-filter will be situated

Litterers Never Sleep 2022-09-03T13:47:36+00:00

Litter Matters: In the Net

As we go to press the CoCT is installing channel-wide nets in the Lotus River canal to catch the storm of litter that washes down that neck of the Cape Flats

Litter Matters: In the Net2022-09-03T13:41:49+00:00

Vrygrond Sunbird Garden

After months of procrastinating (mainly about how to secure a garden space in an informal settlement where anything of material value that is not bolted down grows legs), Vrygrond resident Neville

Vrygrond Sunbird Garden2022-09-03T13:30:54+00:00

Westlake Garden

After several years’ neglect we have focused efforts on cleaning up our Westlake garden. This indigenous garden was one of the first projects that brought the Trust together more than 30 years ago when the ground opposite the Lakeside

Westlake Garden2022-09-03T13:29:43+00:00

Nature Notes And News: A New Species for the Vlei

With the long mouth opening and corresponding extremely low water levels in June, an exciting find was made in the mud flats adjacent to Night Heron Island (the small island due

Nature Notes And News: A New Species for the Vlei2022-09-03T13:31:14+00:00

Help Care for the Vlei – Join the Trust

The Zandvlei Trust’s strives to enhance the benefits of the nature reserve for all and aid in its conservation. These objectives can only be achieved by means of your participation and involvement. We need your support and assistance to

Help Care for the Vlei – Join the Trust2022-09-03T13:47:17+00:00


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