You make it happen!

The Zandvlei Trust’s strives to enhance the benefits of the nature reserve for all and aid in its conservation. These objectives can only be achieved by means of your participation and involvement. We need your support and assistance to make things happen.

Become a member, and join like minded people in implementing the aims of the Trust. Share your skills and knowledge. Come and learn a new skill and / or become a volunteer
  • Join a Task Team and participate in doing important work
  • Contribute your time and energy or your money
  • Receive quaterly newsletters and keep up to date with issues and what our members are doing
  • Help care for our natural environment
Our Task Teams include amongst others:

– An environmental education project
– An inventory and monitoring group
– the Zandvlei Trust’s Newsletter
– Invasive vegetation clearing
– Local recycling efforts
– The Muizenberg Festival

Membership Details

Membership Enquiry Form

Members pay annual membership fees and are encouraged to attend regular Zandvlei Trust events and activities, as well as the annual general meeting.

Fill in the membership enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Current membership fees:

R150 per single per annum
R200 per family per annum