The Zandlvei Trust supporting exciting new Vlei Veld Circle conservation awareness project

The Zandlvei Trust is supporting and exciting new initiative to raise awareness about our incredible but threatened fynbos diversity. Last week planting commenced at the new Vlei Veld Circle, a project initiated by Fynbos LIFE, supported by the Zandvlei Trust, the Mapula Trust and the City of Cape Town. A whole host of local residents joined in to help plant thousands of local strandveld plants.

A short talk was given by ZVT committee member Louise Baldwin, who is managing the Kedestes Butterfly Conservation Project for the Cape Town Environmental Education Trust (a project in collaboration with the City of Cape Town’s Biodiversity Management Branch). This project supports two Critically Endangered butterflies endemic to the Cape Flats. The butterfly’s host plant – cottonwool grass (Imperata cylindrica) – was planted in the garden and educational signage will be erected so the public can learn about these threatened species.
We hope you will come down to have a look at this wonderful community project!