After several years’ neglect we have focused efforts on cleaning up our Westlake garden. This indigenous garden was one of the first projects that brought the Trust together more than 30 years ago when the ground opposite the Lakeside shops was a rubbish dump and choked with alien invasive plants.

If you have green fingers, or a saw, or a chainsaw, join one of our gardening “hacks” on the third Saturday each month at 09h30 opposite the Lakeside shopping centre (check our FB page for regular announcements).”

Aerial view of Lakeside Main Road looking north with shopping center on the left and the Westlake Garden on the right. Table Mountain can be seen in the background.

Aerial view of Westlake Garden opposite the Lakeside Shopping centre.

In recent months we have remotivated our gardener Noel, we have started the task of hacking back the excess growth in order to liberate understory plants. But also to dissuade vagrants and vandals who seem to have set up camp in the dense areas. We will continue with our regular hacks there, interspersed monthly with our litter cleanups around the vlei when and where necessary.