The metal litter grille upstream of Marina da Gama: unfortunately theft of the surrounding traps results in overspill of trash that has to be caught downstream. The planned bio-filter will be situated between here and our current nets.

Although we have not been so visible as in the recent past, members of the Trust have not been sleeping. Neil Young taught us that rust never sleeps and neither – it turns out – do our neighbouring garbage disposers upstream who send us a never-ending flood of rubbish down mainly the Sand and Langvlei canals. 

The litter nets near the Sand River mouth, originally installed and managed by Marina resident Mike  Ryder, have to be cleaned out each and every week and after heavy rains more often; otherwise or our beloved vlei would be awash with trash. It’s dirty work for sure, but someone has to do it: that someone is us, with generous funding from all of you. 

What happens when it rains: these are the litter nets near the mouth of the Sand River, on Wildwood Island, that we have to clear every week of the year.